Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Earth Science Starting the Semester with a Blast

Earth Science class is finishing up their unit on volcanoes. In addition to the articles they are reading about careers in science, students have been conducting some fun labs. In particular students enjoyed simulating an explosive volcanic eruption, learning about variables that affect volcanic eruptions, and also spending time learning about volcanoes through Google Earth.

As we move on with other units we will continue to focus on our science fair projects, careers in science, and we will try to do labs as often as possible. Since we have our overnight trip next week we will probably not be in the lab for another 2 weeks.

Science Club Students Begin Fundraising for Haiti's Earthquake Victims

This semester we have many students who have signed up for science club. Science club is a place to do some fun science activities, get tutoring, and work on this years science fair projects. Many of the students here in Thailand have never heard of Haiti until the devastating earthquake that happened recently. When students saw some of the news clips that showed how the children there are being impacted, they were enthusiastic about pitching in to make a difference. Already students have created 2 donation boxes and are working hard to collect money from staff, teachers, and administration. In addition, this Friday students will be involved in a "throw a water balloon at your teacher" drive to collect even more money. Over 10 teachers have volunteered to get wet, including Ms. Tanea, to help raise money to send to Haiti.

Wow! The science club raised 8335 baht to help the people of Haiti. I'm so proud of them!