Friday, April 23, 2010

Science Club is at it Again!

Recently the science club has been participating in several experiments which have enabled them to review the process of the scientific method. Today students did a "Fizzing and Foaming" experiment, of which the main ingredients are baking soda and vinegar. However students also experimented with different indicators to see which one would produce a color change that indicated the reaction was taking place (along with the bubbles forming). We had a kick out of making a mess (no, not really. we did the reaction in large buckets so there was no mess to clean up).

The science club students from Tuesday did four different experiments on eggs. Students tried everything from burning eggs, to boiling them in different solutions, to soaking them in vinegar, and then throwing them off the balcony. We also enjoyed the results of those experiments.

The week before Songkran we were experimenting with mentos and different colas. So I think overall the students are gaining a great appreciation for the scientific method.

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera the last few times, so no pictures for some of the experiments. I will post the pictures I do have ASAP.