Thursday, October 7, 2010

Weathering: Oxidation Experiment 3

Students have all experienced oxidation, but they don't have a clear concept of what factors can affect the rate of oxidation. Here are some pictures from our lab.

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Weathering: Acid Rain Simulation Experiment 1

I can't make it rain in my classroom, but students can see how acid rain can break down calcite, and limestone, etc. Students measured out a particular amount of limestone chips, and put those into separate jars. In one jar they added water, and in the other they added an equal amount of vinegar. After the rocks sit in the liquids for a few days we are going to weigh them again to see if the mass decreased.

Weathering: Abrasion Experiment

Students are learning about the different types of weathering right now. I think they have a good understanding of the difference between chemical and mechanical weathering, but now we are trying to determine what variables will affect the rate of weathering. Here are a few pictures from Experiment 2.