Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Earth Science Rocks? Yes, It Does!

In the past 4 years I have gained such an appreciation for Earth Science, and I am begining to truely enjoy it as much as the Life Sciences. This year in Earth Science we are starting off with trying to understand rocks and minerals. What are they, how are they the building blocks of Earth, how do they shape the Earth, how to we classify them, and how are they used in our lives? These are some of the many questions that we are trying to answer as we go on our mission with the Jason Project Argonots (see for more information).

As we talked about the physical and chemical properties that help classify minerals, I remembered to take a few pictures of the class. We will definitely take more pictures, and have more posts as the year moves on.

Grade 6 Homeroom Class

I'm very pleased to be one of the grade six homeroom teachers this year. I have a great group of students, who I'm lucky to teach for Life Sciences as well. We have a lot of great activities planned for the year, and we are thinking about planning and fundraising for a spectacular field trip. I will do my best to post updates as often as possible. Please feel free to coment on the blog when you find something interesting or have questions.

So far our first lab had students creating their own mini-pond and then looking for microorganisms under the microscope. we will be back with more.