Sunday, May 16, 2010

School Closed Due to Protests in Bangkok!!

Dear Parents and Students

Please visit to find lesson material during this week off.

Due to the protests school has been canceled by the Thai Ministry of Education. I will try to communicate with students through my website. I will post up review material under each subject by Monday. If students have any concerns or issues they can contact me by email at

Chemistry class has already received the list of objectives that will be covered on the final exam. Please review your old quizzes, exams, and homework. In addition, I posted extra handouts to review stoichiometry problems. These can be found under the chemistry tab, then lesson materials (look for the handounts that have stoichiometry in their name).

Earth Science students you will find chapter review handouts, power points, and practice exams under the Earth Science tab.

Biology class you need to go over the review packet I gave you in class last week. In addition, I am posting your Evolution test on this website under the Biology tab. Please take the test at home and have it completed and with you when school resumes.

Everyone pass this message along to your classmates, so they will be prepared to move forward with class once school resumes.

Thank you for your cooperation during this time, and please stay safe.

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