Monday, October 5, 2009

Cellular Respiration

Students in my Biology class have been learning about photosynthesis and cellular respiration. They are in the process of conducting a cellular respiration lab in which they mix yeast and apple cider in a closed container. They put a balloon on the top of the container to trap any gases that are produced. This lab will require students to review cellular respiration, so they can come up with a reasonable explanation for the results of the lab.


Lindsay Sanders said...

Hi, my name is Lindsay, I'm an Elementary Education Major at the University of South Alabama and I'm in Dr. Strange's Fall 2009 EDM 310 class. I just wanted to say that this lab you're doing sounds so incredible! Biology and Chemistry, and any other science for that matter were my FAVORITE all through my schooling. I even took an unnecessary Chemistry class because I love science so much! I love what you're doing, you sound like an amazing teacher! Check out my blog if you'd like too. Thanks!

hong said...

hello ms Tanea i'm Cindy in your bio class i''ve wrote my comment here because it's the exeperiment we are doing right now

Anonymous said...

Hi!!! Ms.Tanea. My name is Ingrid, I am one of your students in biology class. This week we have an experiment about cellular Respiration, it is very exciting. I really want to know what's going to happen, and I think this experiment might help me to understand more about Cellular respiration.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Tanea this is Visith from your Biology class this experiment give us a better overview what is Cellular Respiration and how does it work. This experiment is quite fun and exciting I hope that we will continue a good and exciting experiment in the future

Visith Grade 9
Wells International School.

Joon Young Lee said...

This is Joon~~
I liked this experiment and it tought me lots of things i never knew... So.. It was a lot of fun doing this experiment with our friends. ^^

JIM kao said...

hello Ms.Tanea. I'm Jim from your class.... i believe this experiment would help me and my other class mate understand more about cellular respiration .. looking foward to my group's balloon hehehehe ^^

Rachane said...

Hi.. Ms. Tanea. I am rachane from your biology class. I love all the experiment we are doing and I think we can also do something more exciting in the future.

TINNNNNNA:) said...

Hiii,Ms.Tanea :)
This is Tina from Biology class.

The experiment is about cellular respiration.
We would like to see how going on to the ballon.In my group our ballon is getting bigger!!!!!

I feel very really excited about this experiment, it was really great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tina said...

Hi,Ms TANEA!!!!
This is TINA G9 from ur biology class.

In last week we had do a very excited experiment of "Cellular respiration" it was really fun.

I would like to see how going on to our group ballon in this week.

you are the best teacher hahahah(didn't lie)

I expect next experiment will be FUN

goodnight ms.Tanea have sweet dream

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