Friday, October 9, 2009

Science Club Experiences Combustion

I had the pleasure of teaching my Science Club students about combustion reactions today. We started out by viewing Grand Hanks video, which they liked a lot. Then we went to the lab, gathered the appropriate supplies, and we did a demonstration on the soccer field. The kids were so excited and they even were able to video tape me screaming! Then I explained to them that the reaction we just did is the same type of reaction that is responsible for sending rockets to space, except that NASA uses more fuel. We began making our own little rocket ships, but then the rain came. We decided to do a test launch from the second floor balcony since it was raining so hard. Next week we will launch the other 2 rockets we made. I ended the experience with 1 more demo that the students again video taped. I should be able to put an animoto slide show together so keep an eye out for that.

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